Volunteer Attorneys


HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: There are pro bono opportunities to match your skills, interests and availability.

You can help us with a Client's Case.

Pro Bono Case Referrals

LASSD screens all pro bono clients for eligibility and determines whether a case is appropriate for pro bono representation. LASSD provides malpractice insurance. Most pro bono cases qualify for a filing fee waiver.

If you want to take a case and need support, LASSD provides training, manuals and samples, as well as ongoing mentorship throughout the pro bono referral process.  Case types include:  Family Law; Restraining Order Representation; Housing and Eviction Defense; Legal Assistance to Non-Profits; Basic Estate Planning and Probate; Conservatorship; Consumer Protection; Bankruptcy; and Other Civil Matters.

Apply: Submit a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.

You can work on a case at one of our LASSD Offices:

Volunteer to take a case or work in our offices and work directly with highly experienced LASSD attorneys in one or more of our practice areas:

  • Family Law
  • Eviction Defense/Housing
  • Housing Discrimination
  • SSI
  • Tax
  • Conservatorship/Probate/ Basic Estate Planning
  • Consumer Protection
  • Immigration

Office Locations:  Southeast San Diego Office  Midtown San Diego Office  North County San Diego Office

Apply: Submit a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.

You can volunteer at one of our LASSD's Clinics & Workshops

Our staff and volunteers assist self-represented litigants with the forms, information, education and support needed to represent themselves.

Restraining Order Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist self-represented domestic violence, civil harassment and elder abuse survivors complete the paperwork and understand the process to request a restraining order.

Unlawful Detainer Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist low-income self-represented litigants in eviction matters. Through the Clinic LASSD aims to prevent homelessness and illegal evictions, and improve access to the courts for pro per litigants.

Conservatorship Clinics:  LASSD staff and volunteers assist families and friends of disabled individuals obtain Conservatorships of the Person in order to make vital decisions on behalf of an incapacitated adult. 

Civil Appellate Self Help Workshop:  LASSD staff and volunteers provide information and education to individuals trying to navigate the Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division 1.

Bankruptcy Clinic:  LASSD staff and volunteers at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court provide assistance to debtors who are representing themselves in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases:  completing the required forms and schedules, preparing for the first meeting of creditors, and other complexities.

For more information, submit a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.

Mediation Opportunities:

  • Train elementary-aged students mediation skills to help solve problems such as bullying and violence on the playground.
  • Mediate disputes between detainees at the Girl’s Rehabilitation Facility (adjacent to Juvenile Hall).

For more information, submit a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.

You Can Provide an MCLE Training or a Training for the Community.

Volunteer with the program by providing a training to the general public on an area or law, or provide a training to staff and volunteer attorneys on an area of law relevant to our practice areas.

For more information, submit a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

If there other volunteer ideas you have, please contact us with those ideas, by submitting a Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer Registration Form.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide volunteer experiences.


Remember you have something unique to offer those seeking equal access to justice  

on behalf of the thousands in need of legal services.  Thank you.