What We Do

What We Do

LASSD strengthens our community by fighting for justice. We provide low-income clients with free civil legal assistance, including legal advice and counsel, effective referrals, and legal representation. We are the largest poverty law firm serving San Diego County.  We can help with many types of legal problems that individuals face.  To thousands of San Diego residents living in poverty, justice is not an abstract ideal. It is food, shelter and protection. It is the difference between staying in poverty and getting out; between dependence and self-reliance. But without help, justice is often denied.  We can assist with the areas of law listed below.

How to Get Help

While we welcome walk-ins, you can simply call our toll free number 1-877-LEGAL AID (1-877-534-2524) for faster service.
If you wish to come to an office, we have 3 locations:
Southeast San Diego Office
Midtown San Diego Office
North County San Diego Office


We provide FREE help to those with problems gaining health coverage or health services who qualify for our services.  We can help if there are changes in your health services, or when there is a termination or change in health coverage. 

We provide FREE help for those with mental health problems who qualify for our services.  We can assist with obtaining medication, accessing care, or appealing a decision by your County Mental Health Plan.  We can assist you when your plan tries to reduce, terminate or deny services (Medi-Cal Notice of Action).  We can also help you with a grievance concerning quality or appropriateness of care.


We provide FREE legal help for those who qualify with problems or questions in housing, such as being evicted, wanting to know your rights as a tenant, public housing questions or terminations, denied housing or housing access due to discrimination.

Free Clinics

Do you need help with Court?  We offer free workshops and clinics for several types of cases.  Eviction, Conservatorship, Restraining Orders, Federal Tax Debts, Civil Appeals, Debt Collection Defense and Medi-Cal/CalFresh/CalWorks hearings.  Most clinics are at or near the court where your case will be or was filed.