All Other Housing

All Other Housing

We provide Free help for those who qualify that are having housing problems or questions about their rights as a tenant, as well as, those who have questions about their security deposit.

How to Get Help

Legal Aid Society of San Diego welcomes walk-ins.  For faster service call 1-877-LEGAL AID (1-877-534-2524).
TTY 1-800-735-2929​
If you wish to come to an office, we have 3 locations:
Southeast San Diego Office
Midtown San Diego Office
North County San Diego Office

What We Do

You can get Free Help, if you qualify, for questions or problems regarding:

  • A verbal or written notice from the person you live with or rent from, or from a landlord.
  • Your rights on getting or protecting your security deposit.
  • What to do if you are locked out of unit by your landlord or other person from whom you are renting.
  • Utility shutoff.
  • Your unit has habitability problems (such as rodents, pests, appliances not working, fixture problems.)
  • What your rights are when a landlord wants to come into your unit.
  • How to leave your unit or break your lease.
  • What do when you receive a court document about your housing.
  • What to do if your rental unit is being converted to a Condominium.
  • Housing Discrimination questions or problems
  • Public housing

How to Get Information and Training

Our housing team can provide community education to groups or organizations.  click here.