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Law Student Volunteer Opportunities

LASSD seeks dynamic law students or law school graduates with a strong commitment to public interest and social justice advocacy to help provide comprehensive legal services to the poor.

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If you are interested in a Fellowship, please go to Fellowships.

Legal Aid Society of San Diego is the largest staff based non-profit law firm providing free civil legal services to low-income individuals and families in San Diego County. LASSD has three offices and multiple clinic locations in various parts of the county. 

Work on Cases in our Offices: Depending on the type of case you are working on, the experience you get could range from client interviews, research, writing memos and/or pleadings, and court or hearing appearances.  You will work directly with highly experienced LASSD staff attorneys. See what we do as to the available practice areas. 

Office Locations:  Main Office (110 South Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA  92114); Midtown Office (1764 San Diego Avenue, Suite 200, San Diego, CA  92110); North County Office (100 E. San Marcos Blvd, Suite 308, San Marcos, CA  92069)

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Limited time available, then work at our LASSD Clinics & Workshops: Help LASSD staff and volunteer attorneys to assist low-income self-represented litigants with the court forms, information, education and support needed to represent themselves.

Available Clinics:

Restraining Order Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist self-represented domestic violence, civil harassment and elder abuse survivors complete the paperwork and understand the process to request a restraining order.

Unlawful Detainer Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist low-income self-represented litigants in eviction matters. Through the Clinic, LASSD aims to prevent of homelessness and illegal evictions and improve access to the courts for pro per litigants.

Conservatorship Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist families and friends of disabled individuals obtain Conservatorships of the Person in order to make vital decisions on the behalf of an incapacitated adult. 

Consumer Clinics: LASSD staff and volunteers assist low-income self-represented litigants in defending against third party collection lawsuits.

Workshop Programs:  LASSD staff and volunteers provide workshop assistance in different substantive legal areas once per month.  Advice and document preparation in a workshop setting for subject matters such as Powers of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Small Claims, and Simple Wills.  Locations vary from LASSD offices, law libraries, public libraries and senior centers.

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