Eviction Clinic

Eviction Clinic

How to Get Help

The clinic is open and providing remote services only to individuals who need to file an answer to an eviction case or who have received a notice to vacate from the Sheriff’s Department and want to do an “Ex Parte Stay of Execution of Judgment/Lockout” to ask the Judge for more time to vacate.  If you were served a summons and complaint or a notice to vacate from the Sheriff’s Department, you can call 619-738-9844 and leave a message for a clinic attorney to call you back. We will return your call as quickly as possible. The attorney can provide you with information and assistance to fill out the court forms necessary to obtain an emergency hearing.  

The links to forms and instructions you will need for your ex parte are provided below.

If you feel you cannot wait for a call back from the clinic attorney, you can contact the court directly to schedule your ex parte hearing either in person at the Superior Court’s Civil Business Office located at 330 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 or via email at CVL@SDCourt.CA.Gov.  You must provide the case number, both party names, and premises address. We recommend you still leave a message for a clinic attorney and we will call you back to make sure you are getting the assistance you need. Please note that the court’s civil business office is not currently answering phones.  At least while the court is closed except for essential services, you may have the option to attend the ex parte hearing telephonically or in person, but please discuss this with the clerk when you schedule the ex parte to confirm.  Regardless, at this time, the documents must still be filed in person.  When you go to the courthouse, make sure to tell the sheriffs at the entrance that you are there to file or to appear at an Ex Parte hearing for an unlawful detainer case. Otherwise, the sheriffs may turn you away as they are trying to limit the spread of Corona Virus.

Please note that the Sheriff’s Department is not performing lock-outs while the court is closed. Once the court re-opens, the Sheriff’s Department will resume carrying out lock-outs.  Tenants who previously received a notice to vacate from the Sheriff’s Department that was never acted upon (the Sheriff did not come and do the lock-out on the date specified in the notice) will NOT receive another notice with a new lock-out date.  To find out the date and time the lock-out is rescheduled for, those tenants should call the San Diego Sheriff’s Civil Division directly at (619) 544-6401 and ask when the lock-out is rescheduled for.  When you call, be sure have your eviction case number and/or the sheriff’s case number available.  Those case numbers should be on the lock-out notice your received.”

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