Family Law


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Family law practice is available in the South Bay and El Cajon Courts only.

Family Law includes such issues as:

  • Divorce

  • Legal separation

  • Paternity

  • Child custody

  • Child and spousal support

  • Visitation

  • Domestic violence

  • Property division

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-877-LEGAL AID (1-877-534-2524)

The Family Law Team represents clients in contested family law cases involving child custody, visitation, support, domestic violence, and property division. As the custodial parent is generally the one with the greater need for assistance, representation of a non-custodial parent is uncommon, however exceptions are made in cases of frustration of court ordered visitation.  Other exceptions to priorities include collection of child support cases where the non-custodial parent is disabled and therefore unable to pay child support.

The team generally files, and responds to, dissolution and paternity cases to be filed, or filed, in the South County and East County Courts, however exceptions are made for emergency cases pending in the central San Diego and North County Courts.

Most of our cases initiate from referrals by LASSD’s Consumer Response Team (CRT).  The CRT provides information and advice to callers involved in uncontested matters; however, if it is determined that the caller needs actual representation, the application and case notes are forwarded, via e-mail, to the Family Law Team for review and possible representation. We also receive referrals from various community-based organizations in and outside of San Diego County as well as directly from the Court.

South County Courthouse “Family Law Center”:  We were awarded a Partnership Grant from the State Bar to form “The Family Law Center For Legal Assistance”.  Our Center assists income-eligible self-represented litigants to complete family law pleadings on a one-to-one basis.  We also give procedural information and refer litigants to the OSC Workshop offered by LASSD’s Pro Bono Programs, as well as other LASSD teams or other agencies. 

Our partnership with the court has been very successful. The Court not only provides a clerk to act as our receptionist and assistant, but also provides our office space, equipment, and supplies. The Family Law Center shares office space with the Family Law Facilitator and the Domestic Violence Clinic.  The Domestic Violence Clinic is also operated by LASSD, and is staffed by the employees of the Pro Bono Program and by volunteers.



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